LiveFit Revolution is a 501c3 Non-Profit Charity
Fitness & nutrition made simple.

Real people. Real results.


Because we care.

Because you matter.
Hi! I'm Alysia Gadson!
My passion is helping people that need it most.

I've been teaching fitness for over 10 years.

I'm Australian, so I'm friendly and happy.

And I won't yell at you, but I will push you.

Follow my rules, & you'll get amazing results.

Here's How LiveFit works:
A free-of-charge*, structured 12-week program.

Simple workouts with real people like you.

Flexible nutrition plan with real foods.

A community of people on the same journey.

No judgement, just lots of love and support.

*Really! It's free. With thanks to our sponsors.
Meet Some LiveFit Members
We're here to help you make a lifestyle change.

No matter how much you have to lose,

we know you can reach your goal.

We believe in you, even when you don't.

No judgement. Just love, support...

...and amazing results!!
LiveFit Kids
We're helping local low-income families

make healthier choices by providing

hands-on workshops & grocery store tours.

By involving their kids in the meal preparation,

they get excited for simple, healthy recipes.

Reducing childhood obesity starts at home.

{sSiteTitle} is a non-profit that provides free-of-charge healthy lifestyle education.

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